Kmart’s $20 Arch Mirror Is Already Becoming a Feature in Trendy Homes and We Want In

Kmart arch mirror

‘I went for a walk this morning and I walked past three different houses that recently bought this Kmart mirror,’ my publisher told me. Immediately, I was intrigued.

It is pretty wild that three different homes had all bought the exact same item at the same time, with the empty boxes of this particular mirror sitting outside of three Sydney homes. Humans, we really are that predictable.

So, what was the mirror in question? It was Kmart’s $20 Arch Mirror, an arched mirror made out of water hyacinth and metal that’ll work both propped on your dressing table or hung by the front door.

Kmart arch mirror

“I absolutely love this mirror!” one user wrote on Kmart’s site. “I use it for above my tall boy as a dressing table. It comes with hanging hardware so good to go. Wonderful quality and great price.”

“Bought this little arch mirror — needed for a small space. Love it and get lots of comments,” another user added. “Looks great on my fireplace mantel — a bit Miami style,” yet another wrote.

In other Kmart news, this week, the company dropped their latest living range, which was inspired by Australian flora, fauna, people and places, and is the brand’s most elevated yet.

Available in-store (though in Greater Sydney, due to the lockdown, stores are only offering click-and-collect) and online, the newest homewares collection encompasses two key themes —home Timeless, which celebrates warm and earthy tones, and Urban, designed for those who enjoy monochromatic homewares.

The collection also continues on Kmart’s ‘Australiana’ approach to homewares. “We love to celebrate our Australian culture and are proud of the increased importance we are placing on our Australian heritage,” says Kmart’s Divisional Merchandise Manager Meryn Serong.

Now, without further ado, five of the collections’ most impressive pieces:

Rattan look shelving unit, $59

Rattan shelving unit

Arch Display Shelf, $49

Kmart arch display shelf

Woven Side Table, $35

Kmart woven side table

Woven Lounge Chair, $79

Kmart chair

Collapsible trunk, $39

Kmart collapsible trunk

To view the whole collection, head here.

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