This Seasoned Traveller’s Trick For Fitting More Into Her Suitcase

Keira Rumble packing tips

As the founder and CEO of three brands, Krumbled Foods, Habitual Beauty and Mini + Me, stocked around Australia and in select international stores, Keira Rumble travels often. One week she might be in Shanghai, China, taking part in the China International Import Expo, another she’s in Melbourne for meetings and events.

“Pre-pandemic, life was very full of travel,” Rumble says. “Travelling all over the world from Egypt, Japan, China. These days, it is very much work trips, which are more full-on, less sightseeing, more in and out of meetings, but equally as exciting.”

What she packs for her trips depends on whether she’s travelling with or without her kids and whether it’s for work, pleasure or a mix of the two. Planning is a big part of the packing process.

Keira Rumble packing tips
Image: Instagram @krumble

“I’m a big planner and love to write lists,” she says. “I will normally start my packing lists a good two weeks in advance, just in the Notes app on my phone. I always put my outfits together before going, and opt for multi-use items — things I can get a few outfits out of like a pair of jeans.”

If Rumble is travelling solo and isn’t away long, she’ll opt only for a carry-on. But when the trip is longer or she’s travelling with her family, and bringing a suitcase, she uses packing cubes from Amazon and brings this hanging toiletry bag.

“Depending on the season I am going into, I use a hybrid of rolling and lying flat,” she says. “If I am heading to somewhere that’s in winter, I will put my bigger, bulky items flat and roll the lighter clothing. If I am heading somewhere that’s summer, I roll clothing and put in my cubes.”

Keira Rumble packing tips
Image: Instagram @krumble

When Rumble is travelling with her kids, she will roll their outfits and pack them into a cube each so they can arrive organised.. She also always overpacks for the kids in case of accidents.

As for carry-on? If it’s a work trip, she’ll pack a laptop, AirPods, some toiletries and snacks like her Krumbled Beauty Bites. If she’s on an overnight flight, she’ll pack a Habitual Beauty Sleep Mask.

“If I’m travelling with kids, it is anything and everything I can fit in my bag and theirs to keep them entertained,” she says. “Snacks, iPads, new, fun and exciting toys.”

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