You Know Them From ‘Love Island’ — Now Watch Josh and Luke on ‘The Block: Fans vs Faves’

Josh and Luke The Block

You know them from Love Island Australia, and now, Josh and Luke are back on TV to compete on The Block.

The identical twins from Sydney are hard to tell apart, but their even harder to beat.

They may be inexperienced, but their passion and charisma is something to watch out for.

“We might be the juniors and not have much renovating experience, but we are going to give it our best shot,” Luke said.

Josh, who is currently studying, is passionate about the topic of mental health, while his brother Luke is starting up his own synthetic grass installation business.

Despite the two butting heads as siblings do, they wouldn’t appear on The Block without one another.

“We can be really angry at each other, then five minutes later we are sweet. Blood is thicker than water and we will show people that,” Luke said.

Their dad comes from a real estate background, which will surely come in handy during their time on the show.

Whether these boys can beat the other contestants is yet to be seen.

The Block airs on Channel Nine and 9Now at 7pm on Sunday and 7.30pm Monday – Wednesday.

This post originally appeared on POPSUGAR Australia. 

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