And the Golden Globe Goes to… Jason Sudeikis’ Hoodie, Apparently

Jason Sudeikis

At the 78th Golden Globe Awards, Ted Lasso star Jason Sudeikis not only won the honour of being awarded the prize for best performance by an actor in a television series — musical or comedy, but he also won the honour of having the night’s most talked-about outfit.

Even though the annual ceremony took place virtually in light of the ongoing pandemic, many of the nominees who were attending from home still chose to don designer duds and to appear via Zoom.

Sudeikis, however, took a more, shall we say…laidback approach to the star-studded night choosing to appear in a tie-dyed hoodie — confirming that even Hollywood’s elite was not exempt from one of the most prevalent lockdown activities of 2020.

And why not? Isn’t the one benefit of staying home to stop the spread of the virus that pants, shampoo and toothbrushes have become optional, if not redundant? Lord knows if I was asked to attend an awards ceremony from the comfort of my own home, I would not exactly be in a hurry to find the Rexona.

There was also a familial reason that the Horrible Bosses actor wore the hoodie in question — it is branded merchandise from his sister’s New York fitness studio.

Answering questions in a virtual press junket after the Globes ceremony, Sudeikis said, “I believe when people that you care about do cool, interesting things, that you should support them, so this is no different than that. I have a multitude of hoodies for a multitude of things that I believe in and support but this one seemed the most appropriate.”

He later joked,“If you look back at Audrey Hepburn for Funny Face she also wore a hoodie…No that’s not true.”

In his typical humble and lovely way, Sudeikis seemed genuinely shocked that he had won the award and chose to honour his co-stars from Ted Lasso, and quote Tolstoy in his acceptance speech before being (lovingly) told to wrap it up by none other than fellow nominee Don Cheadle.

“That’s the coolest thing. That’s nuts. That’s crazy. Okay. Well, I’ll say this. I want to thank everybody that works on this show,” Sudeikis said. “I kind of reject the premise of being the Best Actor because, in my humble opinion, the best actor is the person you’re acting with.”

Following the comedian’s acceptance speech, social media promptly erupted with memes and Twitter reactions to Sudeikis’ appearance. Hey, every award show needs a viral moment, and — thanks to social distancing — I think it is safe to say that celebrity group selfies taken by Ellen DeGeneres are a thing of the past.

“Jason Sudeikis’ edibles hit just at the right time,” wrote one Twitter user, while another took to the social media platform to reference the actor’s split from Olivia Wilde saying: “Jason Sudeikis coming in hot with the “I’m going through a divorce” energy” (even though he and Wilde never got around to getting married).

While another user wrote: “God bless Jason Sudeikis for leaning directly into the “my ex is dating Harry Styles” aesthetic.” 


Journalist Dave Itzkoff made further fun of the former Saturday Night Live star’s dishevelled appearance with this Tweet:

While many users likened his vibe to basically all of us dealing with the horrors of 2020’s endless Zoom meetings.

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