You Really Do Need To Make Time For Breakfast, and Here’s Why


We’ve talked about it before, but as a nation, we’re a time-poor bunch. Two in five reports that they’re ‘always’ or ‘often’ feel rushed for time. That’s almost 8 million Australians. Unfortunately, this then extends to our eating habits — one in eight are skipping breakfast. Why? Nutritionist Kathleen Alleume says it’s because “People aren’t hungry, or they’re too busy.”

Although the myth that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is still prominent — “[It’s] no more important than any other meal,” says Alleume — it’s still an important meal to consume. Why? Because it refuels your body and brain and replenishes energy stores — especially as you’ve inadvertently been fasting overnight.

“What you choose to eat for breakfast really matters,” says Alleume. As for what you should eat? Research suggests whole grain cereals, fruit, dairy and vegetables — people who consume those have healthier diets throughout the day; most likely to meet daily recommended serves for the aforementioned foods, and are less likely to consume added sugars throughout the day.

Additional nutritional benefits? Wholegrain carbohydrates (like rolled oats or whole grain bread) dish you up a healthy dose of fibre, according to Alleume. Oh, and fibre is beneficial for the gut microbiome — and we all know how important the microbiome is. If you’re a fan of eggs, dairy, nuts or beans for breakfast, they provide you with quality sources of protein.

Alleume suggests trying to get both in one breakfast — whole-grain cereal topped with yoghurt and fruit, whole-grain toast with boiled eggs and yoghurt on the side — as it’s “nourishing and well-rounded”. You can pre-boil eggs, pre-chop fruit and put out bowls and utensils the night before so you’re saving time the next morning.

If you really are too busy to make breakfast in the morning (shift-work exists, and it’s exhausting), you can try something a little more convenient like an Uncle Tobys Breakfast Bake, along with a piece of fruit and a bottle of water.

If you’re a fan of coffee for breakfast…sorry to disappoint, but Alleume says it’s “a beverage, not a meal, so it doesn’t really count as a breakfast item”. You can still start the day with it, just make sure to eat solid foods a little later — aim for within two hours of waking up.

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