Does Lockdown Have You Itching to Declutter? Professionals Say You Should Follow These 5 Rules


While increasing restrictions and lockdowns are taking place around Australia in what feels like a terrifying case of deja vu, anything that gives us a small piece of control and calm is greatly appreciated.

We carry around so many things subconsciously. There’s always a vague list in the back of your head of things that you “have to do” or that you “haven’t got around to” that are building up as incomplete tasks, and just by hovering there, they can make you feel stressed and a bit like a failure.

One of these things, for me at least, that occurs on my list consistently, is decluttering. Life accumulates so many objects and the longer you have them, the more difficult they are to get rid of.

A really nice way to feel useful and in control is to Marie Kondo your space. By physically organising your life, or even just your wardrobe, a weight is lifted off.

You may not be someone who loves to deep clean or declutter, or you might just not be that great at it, but there are some people that love it so much, that they’ve made it their profession.

Whether it’s a neglected pantry, a dishevelled wardrobe or an overflowing storage space, there’s a team of professional organisation technicians with an obsession for a tidy space and they’re here to help.

Friends Emma Rosham and Michelle Rubin discovered a mutual passion for organisation while sharing a casual cup of coffee, exchanging stories of how decluttering the lives of friends and family became a favourite and frequent activity. Luckily for us, they decided to turn their pastime into a dream business, and TIDEE was born.

“We want to create sustainable systems for our clients so they can spend more time doing the things they love rather than worrying about the clutter. Our clients are delighted when they see their new TIDEE spaces and their exclamations that we have literally changed their lives,” the co-founders said.

“Knowing that our work has a huge impact on our clients’ lives is one of our key drivers.”

TIDEE has positioned itself at the forefront of the lifestyle, interior and homewares space, collaborating with household name brands such as IKEA, Adairs, Bunnings Warehouse, realestate.com.au, Dulux, and The Kitchen Collective. The team make their tidy-ups not only efficient but gorgeous too.

Not only are they doing God’s work, they’ve also shared their top five decluttering tips with us:

Top 5 Decluttering Rules

1. Start small

You have to start somewhere right? Think about the areas in your home that need attention, choose one space and tackle this first. In our experience, if you try and take on all the spaces at once you will likely become overwhelmed and demotivated. Start small, quick win!

2. Have a vision

Before you get started it is important to have a vision. Imagine how you want the space to
look and function. Start building your bank of ideas, social media is a great place to start –
lots of inspiration.

3. Planning is key

In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “If you fail to plan you are planning to fail”. Planning is key to your organising success. Measure the space you are planning to organise – this step is really important. There is nothing worse than going crazy and buying a whole heap of organising products (a common trap most people fall into) only to find they don’t fit or suit the space.

4. Product selection

You can’t organise a space effectively without the right organising products. Be consistent
with your product choice, and try and keep the products the same (same type, same colour palette) because this will create instant uniformity. Even a garage can look fabulous if you use the same type of containers.

5. Functionality and beauty

Try and balance functionality and beauty. These are fundamental components to any space we organise. There’s no point using products that don’t work well for the space. The
organising products have a dual purpose – they have to work well and they have to look

To find out more about TIDEE service, you can visit their website.

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