7 of the Smartest Home Updates That Instantly Add Value

Whether you’ve purchased a fixer-upper and are thinking about what to overhaul, or you’ve bought a place that’s already beautiful and are simply looking at ways to make it even better, or even if you don’t own property yet and are just curious about home updates you can make, you’re wondering what projects to increase your home’s value you can undertake.

Because while remodelling and renovating your space can often be fun, not all projects are created equal and, before embarking on one, you’ll really want to consider whether the effort will be worth it.

So, to help you out, ahead, Melbourne interior designer and multidisciplinary stylist Anna Giannis shares seven of the smartest home updates you can make. From adding new shutters, to creating a study or office nook, here’s what they are.

Refresh the Bathroom

Bathrooms are the oasis of a home, the place to get away from it all. New tiles, vanity and appropriate light will give that Zen feeling. Decide if you need a new layout or a refresh of the current design. Determining the work that needs to be undertaken will assist you in working out your costs and budget.”

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Paint the House

“Adding a coat of paint will always freshen walls and give your house a new look and feel. The clean look of fresh, neutral paint can increase your property value and make your house more appealing. A good paint job helps show that you care about your property and that it will serve well in the years to come.”

Update the Kitchen

“Kitchens are the place to hang out with family and friends. The kitchen is increasingly becoming a mixed space, where food is prepared as family members socialise and catch up. Contemporary kitchen designs have friendly seating and lighting arrangements that have made the kitchen a comfortable working and living space.”

Revive the Exterior

“First impressions last. Exterior design is more important than ever and ensuring that your home looks on point from the outside will ultimately bump up your kerb appeal. Whether you have a modern or traditional home any house facelift, it needs to be done sympathetically to your home’s current style.”

Create a Study or Office Nook

“In 2020, we saw the beginning of the home office culture. Study nooks were created and became the most important room in the house. Keep the space feeling light and breezy by using greenery. The flexible working trend means that the home office could be a distinct room, or a portion of a space set aside for work and study. If you plan on undertaking some serious work from a nook in your home, consider spending some money on making it a practical and comfortable space.”

Add Extra Features Like Shutters

“Plantation shutters are an investment to the home and considered an important feature. Modern shutters throughout can add intricate depth and style to your house. They offer low maintenance options to cover windows and doors instead of old blinds.”

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Create an Outdoor Entertaining Area

“Aussies love entertaining outdoors these days! Set up a cosy area outdoors with a table and a few chairs and enjoy that Spritz.”

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