The Headlines: Hurricane Ian Is Devastating Florida, and Here’s What Might Happen Next

Hello folks, welcome to The Headlines. Today we’re dealing with some dire news, so no bants, we’re getting straight into it. 

Hurricane Ian Has Made Impact With Florida

At 3:05 PM EDT, a serious and concerning hurricane, named Hurricane Ian, hit Florida. The Guardian has outlined that this caused flooding, power outages, and property damage. 

“Ian is a category four hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale,” explained the National Hurricane Center. They also asserted that it can create sustained winds of 220 km/h, which is a downgrade from the speeds it produced earlier.

“Further weakening is expected for the next day or so,” said the centre. “But Ian could be near hurricane strength when it moves over the Florida East coast tomorrow, and when it approaches the northeastern Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina coasts late Friday.”

North Korea Tests Some Dangerous Ballistic Missiles

In other news, PBS has reported that North Korea shot two short-range ballistic missiles toward the waters off its east coast. This is being considered an act of aggression, as America’s Vice President, Kamala Harris, is visiting South Korea today.

The Japanese Vice Defense Minister, Toshiro Ino, stated that his country’s military had detected the two missiles. He also asserted that they both flew in a noteworthy and irregular trajectory.

“North Korea’s repeated missile firings amid the invasion of Ukraine is impermissible,” said Ino. 

NSW’s $2.6 Billion Trains Are Three Years Late

Closer to home, NSW is struggling with some further train problems. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, a fleet of new Spanish-built passenger trains is running over three years behind schedule. This is because the government and the manufacturer, CAF, have been engaged in a series of disputes over the design of said vehicles.

These disagreements have been over everything from the amount of legroom, to rubbish bins, to the location of bike racks. 

NSW Labor’s Regional Transport Spokeswoman, Jenny Aitchison, hasn’t been stoked with this series of events. As she asserted, “This is another stark example of how the government’s transport procurement policies have failed.”

Meanwhile, Transport for NSW has defended itself by claiming, “Commercial negotiations are common in any major infrastructure project to assess any implications of the design confirmation process.”

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A Regional Fish Breeding Program Has Smashed It Out of the Park

If you’re a fan of fishing, then the ABC has implied that you should head to Warwick’s Leslie Dam in Queensland. This is because a breeding effort program has created some huge Murray cods in the middle of a drought.

“I know of 13 cod being caught over one metre,” noted a fisherman named Peter Delahoy. “All within the last few weeks.”

The Warwick Fish Stocking Association is behind said programme and is very chuffed with the results. “Instead of putting cod back in the dam, we’ve built structures to get them to breed,” said their Secretary, Mario Sala. “And the cod are quite happy with what we’ve provided.”

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