The Headlines: Victoria Is in for Flash Flooding, Potential Heartbreak, and Too Much Rain

Welcome my guys, gals, and enbies, to another edition of The Headlines. Today’s news is pretty huge, so let’s dive right into the details:

Victoria Is Predicting Some Bad Weather

Unfortunately, the ABC has reported that heavy rain is more than likely to hit Victoria from today. This is expected to create flash flooding on October 13 and make folks in flood-prone areas isolated for up to 72 hours. 

“We know that our catchments are full,” said the state’s Premier, Daniel Andrews, as per The Age.

“We know that we’ve had record rainfall to this point and the ground is absolutely sodden. So even a minor amount of rain would be a real risk in terms of flooding,” he said.

“But it’s not a minor rain event that we are forecasting. There will be significant rainfall in certain parts of the state, and that’ll pose a flooding risk to communities in lots of different places.”

The Bureau of Meteorology’s Kevin Parkyn is also very concerned for the whole of Victoria. For in the coming days, 20 to 50mm of rain will fall across the state. 

“I can’t stress the importance that Thursday is very much a flash flood, heavy rain day,” stated Parkyn. “Be prepared.”

If you need to stay up-to-date in regards to this situation, go to the Bureau of Meteorology’s Warnings Index and learn what the Victorian State Emergency Service (SES) branch is saying.

 All of Adnan Syed’s Charges Have Been Dropped

“Today, justice is done,” stated Baltimore’s State Attorney, Marilyn Mosby. This is because Adnan Syed, of Serial fame, has been officially deemed not to have murdered his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. According to the BBC, this was after Syed had spent 23 years in jail due to an incorrect conviction.

Syed’s convictions were dropped last month, and the charges were then dropped on October 11. This is partly because multiple DNA samples were on Lee’s shoes, yet none belonged to Syed himself. 

“Finally, Adnan Syed is able to live as a free man,” asserted his lawyer, Erica Suter, in a statement.

She additionally outlined, “Adnan is innocent and lost 23 years of his life serving time for a crime he did not commit.”

Syed’s case was investigated on the first season of the podcast Serial in 2014. Since then, this programme has become incredibly popular, being downloaded over 340 million times. It makes you wonder if justice would have ever been served if not for its popularity. 

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NASA’s Latest Asteroid Test Worked a Treat

In some rad news for Earth and humanity, NASA has successfully redirected the trajectory of an asteroid. They did this by smashing a spacecraft into an asteroid at the right speed and angle. This experiment was called the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART). It will hopefully come in handy if a life-ending asteroid ever comes our way. 

“This result is one important step toward understanding the full effect of DART’s impact with its target asteroid,” explained Lori Glaze, the Director of NASA’s Planetary Science Division.

“As new data come in each day, astronomers will be able to better assess whether, and how, a mission like DART could be used in the future to help protect Earth from a collision with an asteroid if we ever discover one headed our way.”

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