Face Halo’s Founder on Her Mission to Eliminate Single-Use Makeup Wipes

Face Halo

There’s no doubt that single-use makeup wipes are a burden on the environment. While each wipe might only be used for two minutes before being thrown into the bin, they can take over 100 years to break down in landfill.

So, ditching them for good will help to lessen your impact on the earth. Enter: Face Halo.

Lizzy Pike founded reusable makeup wipe company Face Halo in 2017 and in a few short years, she has revolutionised how women and men around the world take off their makeup.

Creating a product that was environmentally friendly was a driving factor for Pike.

“Being consciously aware of our impact on the environment has always been very important to me, especially having three children,” she told TheLatch—.

“When I started Face Halo, I knew what a difference it was going to make to our environment, however, I wanted to start with the message that it was the best makeup remover you will ever use and then, by the way, it can [also] help create less landfill and less waste in our oceans and waterways.”

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Each Face Halo can be washed up to 200 times (just pop it in the washing machine), which makes them environmentally friendly. In 2019, Pike and her team took it one step further by introducing an upcycling program. When wipes reach the end of their life, you can send them back to the company so they can be used to produce something new.

“We are working hard to push boundaries through innovation, with our future vision firmly focused on closing the Face Halo manufacturing loop,” said Pike. “Customers are able to return their used Face Halos to us to be upcycled, further reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfill. They get re-purposed within the motor vehicle industry (seat cushioning) and commercial transit (hard-wearing seat coverings).”

While it can be daunting to begin the process of swapping your everyday single-use items for reusable ones, Pike is a fan of the adage that a little goes a long way.

“No step is too small when making changes for a better healthier planet and Face Halo is a great place to start,” Pike said. “Our customers then become our champions by talking about doing their bit for the environment.”

Besides their positive impact on the makeup wipe industry, the product itself is unbelievably effective, hence why Face Halo has grown into a global product within a few short years. When beauty influencer Chloe Morello first tried it, she was so blown away that she ended up investing in the company and is now a co-owner.

And, Face Halo is also a finalist in three categories in this year’s Pure Beauty Global Awards — a pretty big feat for a company that launched just under three years ago.

The quality of the product comes down to Pike’s extensive experience working in the textile industry. It took Pike and her team eight months of sourcing and sampling before they landed on the final fabric.

“With over 15 years of experience in textiles, I knew the first step in this journey was to source a high-quality manufacturer with integrity,” she said. “Our vision was to produce a soft, plush and effective makeup removal product that worked quicker and better than traditional solutions. It took us over 12 months to come up with the final product.”

The latest product release from Pike and her team is the Face Halo BODY, which is a giant mitt that exfoliates and polishes skin for a smoother complexion. It’s particularly good for gals and guys who fake tan as it helps to remove dead skin and old tan. According to Pike, Face Halo fans can expect a plethora of product releases this year

“We have big plans this year and will be releasing new products in the next coming months,” she said. “Our retail and e-tail partners are also growing much quicker than we expected and it’s continuing to expand.”

When it comes to starting a new company, no matter how successful it may be, it can be a daunting time while you find your feet. For Pike, she relished the experience.

“My father was an entrepreneur for most of his life and he instilled courage in me and taught me to be brave and bold and to take risks,” she said. “It’s not always smooth sailing, however, I believe there is no such thing as failure, only feedback, learn from the good and the bad and keep moving forward.”

The mother-of-three wants to use her leadership of Face Halo as a positive example for her daughter.

“Before starting Face Halo, I wanted to show my daughter that a woman with a family can do anything. It doesn’t matter what age you are, it’s never too late,” she said. “I want my daughter to know that yes, at times life can be tough, but it can also be glorious. Look for the good and make that work. My best advice would have courage, be strong and show vulnerability as that is where true strength lies.”

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