Is This Australia’s Most Expensive Cheese Toastie?

expensive cheese toastie australia

A cheese toastie is a staple in Australia. Whether you stuff yours with ham, slather on some dijon mustard, or add veggies, a cheese toastie is a god-tier breakfast, snack, and, sometimes, the perfect quick lunch bite.

Usually, a cheese toastie is considered a reasonably casual, cheap affair. After all, it’s just bread and cheese. Although one Sydney restaurant is attempting to change our preconceptions of the cheese toastie by making it fancy.

If you’re wondering how one can make a cheese toastie fancy, it’s easy. Load it up with fancy cheese and top it with caviar.

At Lorraine’s Bistro in Waverley, the decadent cheese toastie combines layers of melted Comte and Gruyere cheese for a rich nutty flavour, offset by a dollop of tangy creme fraiche. Tart zucchini pickles are added, along with a pearl spoonful of avruga caviar—all encased in crisp brioche bread.

expensive cheese toastie lorraines bistro

Created by Hatted French chef Clement Marchais, the decadent dish elevates the humble toastie to mouth-watering levels, bringing a slice of French indulgence to the East.

“I have always loved toasties, and this concept started with experimentation in the comfort of my own home kitchen,” says Clement. “The toastie is such a nostalgic dish, and I wanted to create something unique and special that also evokes fond memories.”

This fancy cheese toastie is a limited edition run to celebrate National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day on April 12—you only have a few weeks to try it. It also comes with a flute of Mumm bubbles to step it up a notch.

As for the cost. It’s $25, but that includes the glass of bubbles. It’s probably the most indulgent and expensive cheese toastie you’ve had thus far. The second most expensive cheese toastie can be found at Bennelong, with a price tag of $22. Sadly no bubbles are included.

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