‘Dr Death’ — the Terrifying True Crime Series Starring Joshua Jackson Is Now Streaming

If you’re a true crime fan, chances are you’re familiar with the harrowing story of Dr Death — the Dallas neurosurgeon whose gross malpractice led to the death of several patients and the incapacitation of many more.

Now, the events will be re-told through a brand new true-crime drama series starring Joshua Jackson, Christian Slater and Alec Baldwin, coming exclusively to Stan.

The series is based on Wondery’s hit podcast. Dr Death is inspired by the terrifying true crime story of Dr Christopher Duntsch (Jackson), a rising star in the Dallas medical community who was building a flourishing neurosurgery practice when everything suddenly changed.

Patients entered his operating room for complex but routine spinal surgeries and left permanently maimed or dead. As victims piled up, two fellow physicians, neurosurgeon Robert Henderson (Baldwin) and vascular surgeon Randall Kirby (Slater), as well as Dallas prosecutor Michelle Shughart (AnnaSophia Robb), set out to stop him. Dr Death explores the twisted mind of Dr Duntsch and the failures of the system designed to protect the most defenceless among us.

The series also explores the ‘why’ behind Dr Duntsch’s horrendous operations, while revealing the broken healthcare system that allowed him to slip through the cracks. It celebrates everyday heroes, in this case, two fellow doctors, who went well beyond the call of duty to bring Duntsch to justice.

In 2015, Duntsch was arrested on counts of aggravated assault and stood trial for intentionally paralysing and maiming a patient named Mary Efurd. He was found guilty in February of 2017 and received a life sentence for his crimes.

Duntsch is currently incarcerated in Huntsville, Texas and will not be up for parole until  2045, when he is 74 years old.

The brand new true-crime drama series Dr. Death premieres 16 July, with all episodes available at once, only on Stan. Watch the official trailer below. 

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