So Apparently 83% of People Will Find You More Attractive If You Have a Dog


Are we surprised to find out that 83% of us find dog owners more attractive? Not really, but it does explain our past patterns of dating someone exclusively for their cute dog.

In the Great Australian Dog Survey, conducted by new generation dog food and lifestyle brand Scratch, 20,000 respondents provided fun insights around the nation’s some 4.8 million dogs and their owners.

From the most popular pupper breeds to the number of owners with dedicated Instagram accounts for their furry friends, this is what Scratch found in their research.

Australia’s most popular dog breeds and names

In the survey, Scratch was able to conclude five breeds as the most popular for Aussie dog owners. These are:

1. Labrador Retriever
2. Border Collie
3. Cavoodle
4. German Shepherd
5. Golden Retriever

And of all dogs in the survey, these were the top 10 names.

1. Ruby
2. Bella
3. Charlie
4. Luna
5. Molly
6. Max
7. Daisy
8. Lucy
9. Archie
10. Buddy

Pet owners are more attractive

Of all respondents, 83% confirmed they found someone more attractive when they had a dog. And aside from romantic relationships, it was evident that dogs also help people make friendlier connections, too. Of those who took part, 64% had made new friends through their dogs, whether at puppy school, the park or via the internet.

Dogs on Instagram

The results found 33% of pet parents under 45 had an Instagram account for their dog. It may seem like a millennial move, but 29% of 35-44-year-olds had an account for their pups, too.


Dogs and property

Dogs are a huge consideration for renters and homeowners alike. According to the data, 80% would pay 5% more rent or pay more to buy a house if it was perfectly suited to their dog, while 76% admitted to lying to their landlords about owning a dog. Sound familiar?

Dogs mean everything to us

No really. Dogs are considered an extension of ourselves, with 3 in 4 owners choosing breeds with a similar personality to themselves, and half of Australians would consider a pay cut if it meant they could spend more time with their furry friends.

74% are happy to share their bed with their dog, 81% buy Christmas presents for their pooches, and 81% think dogs deserve to be seen as more than ‘property’ by Australian law.

Of the findings, Scratch’s co-founder, Mike Halligan, says: “The results from our survey give us a definitive insight: we’re officially a nation dog obsessed! Australia has the highest rate of dog ownership in the world, and the huge enthusiasm for our survey has revealed just how integral our furry friends are to us, both individually and socially.”

Interestingly, though, we don’t really know what we feed our furry family members. Only 30% trust the information on their dog’s food packs — perhaps due to there being zero regulation on how brands can display information and the claims they can make about nutrition.

Scratch is on a mission to change that with its subscription food service. Dogs subscribed to Scratch receive a personalised recipe based on breed, age and weight, with all recipes using only whole ingredients made from 97% Australian produce.

The foods have no preservatives, colours or added flavours, are high in protein and vegetables, contain wild hormone-free meat and are easily digestible. Oh, and the kibble is delivered to your door for free.

See more survey results and find out more about Scratch on the official site.

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