Don’t Fret, More Stock Is on the Way for Coles’ ‘MasterChef’ Cookware Promo

In the last year and a half, we’ve been cooking at home more than ever. A renewed love for home-cooked meals and having the time to cook elaborate feasts at home has undoubtedly been one of the best ramifications of the COVID-19 lockdowns.

MasterChef also returned in 2020, with a refreshing new judging panel and some incredible food inspiration that has carried through to it’s current season and our cooking experiments in 2021.

But Coles customers and MasterChef fans have been left feeling disappointed, as their popular branded cookware offer seems to have run out before the promotions end date.

Back in March, Coles launched a campaign that featured MasterChef brand stainless steel cookware, and foodies were thrilled.

The range of professional cookware was available through a loyalty system. Customers were able to earn “Cookware Credits” by scanning their Flybuys card with every over $20 purchase made at Coles and when they had enough credits, they could redeem their MasterChef cookware in store.

But now, shoppers who have been accumulating and saving points to cash in for the cookware, have discovered that most Coles stores have very little or none left.

Starting from 40 credits, the original offering was a MasterChef 20cm and 26cm non-stick frypan, 18cm saucepan, 24cm casserole dish with lid, 28cm non-stick stir fry pan with lid, 24cm steamer and 24cm stockpot with lid.

The offer started on March 24 and is set to end on July 27, meaning that customers assumed they had time and aren’t stoked with missing out.

Shoppers shared their experiences and disappointment on social media.

“After finally having enough points to get the large frypan, it seems to be the one that’s hard to find anywhere. I’m so disappointed,” one person said on the Coles Cooking Club Facebook group.

“Went in today and they said they are all out of pans and they won’t be getting more. Not good enough,” said another.

Although there is discussion of more stock coming in, there hasn’t been any comment from Coles representatives on this FlyBuys special.

“I saw a sign today in my local Coles that they are having trouble supplying some items but are working on it,” said one Facebook user.

“My mum saved and saved to get the wok. When she finally had enough points, they were gone and she was told there were no more coming in,” said another.

I’d say it’s pretty safe to say that the Coles MasterChef cookware range is extremely popular and loved by many, with so many avid ongoing discussions and hope that there are some still some more in production.

“Our MasterChef cookware campaign has been incredibly popular with our customers. It is proving to be our most popular program to date with the highest participation rate across Australian households,” a Coles spokesperson told The Latch.

“As with many of our collectable programs, the MasterChef pots and pans are limited edition and while stocks last. We have a final drop of stock arriving in stores throughout the week so customers can still redeem cookware in-store or choose the convenient half credits, half-pay option.

“We encourage customers to contact the Coles Customer Care team to assist if the product they’re after is not available at their local store.”

Offers like this Coles Masterchef Cookware range are incredibly exciting, but also rely on a bit of luck. You’ve got to be in store at the right time, and have a bit of luck on your side in order to snag the cookware piece you’re after.

Let’s hope that they’ll get some more stock in before the offer ends on July 27, and we can all cook up a snazzy storm in a fully-equipped MasterChef kitchen.

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