Planning to Do Your Christmas Shopping Online? Here’s When You Need to Start

Christmas shopping

I can’t quite believe I’m writing an article about Christmas shopping when it seems like just yesterday I was marvelling over the fact I was now writing the date as ‘2021’. But here we are. Because though we admittedly do still have a fair ways to go until the holiday, the time to start shopping for it — apparently — is soon.

Yep, according to a recent article in The Sydney Morning Herald, major retailers are warning customers that this year, a serious congestion in global supply chains caused by Delta outbreaks, port closures and freighter scarcity could cause massive delays in shipping. Factor these delays with the fact online shopping is booming at the moment with millions of Australians in lockdown and unable to physically get to stores, and you’re really gambling by getting your Christmas gift last-minute.

Last year, a survey published in October found that 59% of Australian online shoppers had experienced delays in their online shopping deliveries. In addition, 55% of Australians were concerned with how the delays would affect their online Christmas shopping and 78% said they planned on getting started early.

If you’re one of the many planning to start early this year, too, consider these few tips.

Be Strategic With Sales

While you might have just missed Afterpay Day, there are still more sales in the lead-up to Christmas to be had. If you’re looking to buy from certain e-tailers, be sure to sign up to newsletters so you can be alerted as to when those sales are.

Consider Buying Experiences

If you’re in lockdown and feeling cramped at home, chances are you won’t want to be sharing space with a whole bunch of Christmas gifts for the next couple of months. So, if that’s the case, think about buying experiences instead of physical gifts. Why not get your parents a stay at a fancy hotel for when restrictions ease? Why not get the kids a day visit to a waterpark? Not only do these gifts not take up valuable space, nor do they require wrapping, but they also give the recipient something to look forward to.

Leave Some Budget for Last-Minute Gifts

And finally, though you might want to get the bulk of your Christmas shopping out of the way early, it’s still worth setting aside some of your budget for last-minute gifts. Your friend or family member might happen to remark that they really need an item. Or you might save hundreds on a product by buying it at the Black Friday sales.

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