Bunnings Has a 12-Month Guarantee on Plants, Even the Ones You Kill

bunning plants for sale

If you were on Twitter on May 4 — a pivotal social media day especially for Star Wars fans — you might have seen a tweet floating around about how to score discount plants at everyone’s favourite home and hardware store, Bunnings (we hear lowest prices are just the beginning).

Twitter user, @snaxolotl (fantastic username) shared their savvy money-saving tip, that other users were quick to call “brilliant” and “great advice”. According to them, you’ve got to hit up Bunnings stores that are located in affluent suburbs or areas, as “they will mark down plants with like a single crispy leaf.”

Showing off their new purchases, they got a ficus lyrata (a fiddle leaf fig) for more than 50% off; $21.95 down to $10. Three small ferns were part of the deal — holly, maidenhead, and silver ribbon if you were curious — for only $5 each.

Wanting to know if this was something that was too good to be true, or just something that occurred in Adelaide, South Australia where the user was from, The Latch reached out to Bunnings directly.

Is it too good to be true? According to Bunnings’ GreenLife Buyer, Alex Newman, no, it isn’t.

Newman told us that “Customers can shop at all Bunnings stores every single day with confidence that they are getting great quality plants at the best price. Our perfect plant promise has always been in place and reinforces customers’ confidence to shop across our nursery range.”

Newman continued: “We always want to make sure customers are getting plants at their best, so from time to time plants that are damaged or no longer at their freshest will be marked down for clearance.

“We take our commitment to provide customers with the widest range at everyday low prices very seriously — we don’t do sales or promotions. For any advice on how to care for your plants, we recommend speaking to one of our helpful team members in-store or visiting the D.I.Y. Advice section on our website.”

And, in even better news, one of the people who replied to the original post said that Bunnings gives a 12-month guarantee on plants; a fact that they advertise in-store on signage.

So, as long as your plant isn’t a seedling or a potted colour (they’re not expected to live for more than 3-5 months), if you return to Bunnings with your receipt in hand and your plant in the other within 12 months of purchase, Bunnings will refund it for you.

Great for people like me, who only have to look at a plant to accidentally kill it.

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