We’re Launching a Sustainability Shop and Want to Feature Your Business

the latch sustainability online store buygood

Here at The Latch, addressing climate change is our overriding concern in a post-pandemic world. Since launching in 2020, we’ve built a community of like-minded people who care about our planet. Of people who, like us, are committed to discovering how they can live a more sustainable life, and help drive change within their communities.

Driving richer conversations and going deeper on the topics you already care about is what we already do, daily. And that’s why we’ve partnered with Suncorp to launch a dedicated sustainability vertical and online store, BuyGood, to continue inspiring you to be champions of change.

So, what does that mean? 

You’ll soon see Sustainability sitting front and centre on The Latch, alongside the Entertainment, Culture, and Lifestyle content you already know and love. Alongside this impactful and informative content, we’re also launching BuyGood — a platform that will help you discover and shop sustainable products and services for all aspects of your life.

This is where you, and your business, comes in. We’re asking you to submit your eco-friendly business for consideration to be included on BuyGood. To ensure every product featured on BuyGood is truly sustainable, we’ve also partnered with Dayrize — an impact measurement technology business made up of a team of 30 of the world’s best environmental scientists and industrial ecologists — to assess your business and give it a tick of approval. This is the first time Dayrize is turning its attention to Australian businesses, so this is a huge opportunity for your brand.

“Dayrize uses the latest in sustainability science and technology to rapidly and accurately assess the environmental and social impact of consumer products,” says Austin Simms, Chief Operating Officer at Dayrize. “Our world-first technology provides brands with a detailed breakdown of the impact of their products, and enables shoppers to make informed decisions about the impact of products they buy for the first time.” 

BuyGood is launching this May 2022, and we’d love to see your business or brand quantified and featured in our online store, to help educate our community on the actions they can take in their day-to-day to make a genuine difference in the world.

Do you have a sustainable eco-friendly product you’d like to see on the Buy Good e-commerce storefront? Submit your product here: 

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