Miss Flying? You Can Now Buy Airline Meals At $2 a Pop


It’s safe to say we miss flying, and we know we’re not alone. The feeling of excitement as the plane takes off, the complimentary bev you toast to a new adventure, the opportunity to watch movies for hours…

Airplane meals are hardly the best part, and in fact, many travellers will opt to bring their own food to avoid having to eat miscellaneous meats and dry (although still soggy) pasta aboard a flight, but there’s no denying a tray of plane food is part and parcel with the experience of travelling.

Well, now you can bring that experience home. If that’s your thing. With so many flights grounded due to border closures and restricted flight paths, airlines have found themselves with an overflow of stock. Instead of discarding the meals, they’re hoping to sell them off to hungry patrons or those who especially miss travelling.

In-flight catering company, Gate Gourmet, is behind the initiative. The company provides economy meals to airlines such as Virgin Australia, as well as around 200 airports and lounges around the world.

Right now, you can buy meal packs for either breakfast, lunch/dinner, or a combo of the two. A mixed breakfast meal pack comes with 10 meals for $20 — that’s $2 a meal. Meals are chosen randomly, but in these, you might find scrambled eggs, roast or sauteed veggies, and maybe some bacon if you’re lucky.

The lunch/dinner packs also contain 10 meals at $25 ($2.50 a pop). Look forward to dishes like chicken curries, stir-fried veggies, a roast dinner, or lasagne. The mixed combo pack contains 20 meals for $40, half of which are for breakfast and the other half for lunch/dinner.

Gate Gourmet

Dietary requirements cannot be catered to — the choice is between non-vegetarian or vegetarian, although the majority of chicken and vegetarian meals are halal. The meals only require easy heating in the microwave oven before they’re ready to be enjoyed at home.

To order, you’ll simply need to make your choice online then pick-up from me of three listed locations in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth within a designated timeframe.

Shop the range and make your order here.

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