A Transformed House and New Surprises: What to Expect From ‘Big Brother 2021’

Big Brother
Since its inception, Big Brother Australia has seen many unknowns walk into the house and walk out household names.

Last year, the game was turned on its head when a brand new set of housemates entered the house — and in an Australian first — the entire series was pre-recorded.

In 2021, Channel 7 have teased that Big Brother is going to be even better than before and if think you know Big Brother’s game? Think again.

Here’s everything you need to know about Big Brother Australia 2021.

When Is the Premiere Date

Big Brother Australia 2021 will premiere on Monday, April 26 at 7.30pm on Channel 7.

Who Are The Housemates

The official Channel 7 reboot in 2020 attracted some colourful new characters, with tradie turned model, Chad Hurst, taking out the crown and with a whole new batch of housemates entering the house this year, we are expecting something even bigger.

Housemates already announced include digital creator Lil Ahenkan aka Flex Mami, the “very single” (and very attractive) Brenton Balicki, mum and sheep farmer Melissa, basketballer Marley and 65-year-old Sarah Jane Adams, a fierce fashionista and jewellery designer.

The full cast list is yet to be revealed, but you can find the others here.

According to Sonia Kruger, “there’s a whole bunch” of surprises.

“The season we’ve just finished shooting now, if you thought there was drama in the first one, wait until you see this,” she told Who in an interview earlier in the year.

“The people are really playing the game hard, they watched the last season and they know they have to make friends fast and get people on side. Boy does it turn fast though, there are some major blindsides throughout the season.”

Where Is It Filmed?

Big Brother’s house may be full of games, challenges and brand new rooms, however, the filming location has remained the same, filming the new season at North Head in Manly, Sydney.

“My house has been transformed. More rooms, more secrets, more than meets the eye,” Big Brother teased in a promo for the show.

What Is the Prize?

If the prize is the same as 2020, the winner of Big Brother Australia 2021 will get a whopping $250,000 payday for outlasting their competitors.

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