From Banh Mi to Bun Cha, 6 Must-Try Vietnamese Restaurants in Sydney

best vietnamese restaurants sydney

The aromatic allure of pho, the savoury charm of banh mi, and the balance of flavours in traditional dishes like bun cha and com tam are just a taste of what you’ll find in Sydney’s Vietnamese restaurants and communities.

From traditional family-run establishments that have upheld recipes for generations, to modern fusion restaurants that blend age-old techniques with contemporary twists, here’s our edit of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Sydney to transport you to the bustling streets of Hanoi, the tranquil landscapes of Da Nang, or the bustling markets of Ho Chi Minh City.

best vietnamese restaurants sydney
Photo: Jessica Hromas

Marrickville Pork Roll

Multiple locations
If you’ve never had a Marrickville Pork Roll, we would advise you to get one now. It’s a household name, known for its scrumptious pork rolls packed with hot and cold pork, a smearing of paté, pickled veg, and, if requested, a kick of chilli. So why is it so famous? Well, it could be the bread or the filling ratios, or maybe it’s just a great bang for the buck. Either way, Marrickville Pork Roll is a Sydney staple, and we would be doing a disservice by leaving it off this list of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Sydney.

best vietnamese restaurants sydney
Photo: Hello Auntie

Hello Auntie

Darling Square and Marrickville
Hello Auntie offers diners a modern twist on traditional Vietnamese cuisine. Chef Cuong Nguyen collaborates with his mother, Linda Tran, combining their culinary expertise to craft unique dishes. With a focus on authentic flavours and quality ingredients, they embrace the barbecue tradition, grilling pork, beef, and seafood to perfection. Think ice paper roll kit with various ingredients and a tantalising pho made from Tran’s secret stock.

best vietnamese restaurants sydney
Photo: Hey Chú

Hey Chú

Hello Auntie’s second venture, Hey Chú, or ‘Hey Uncle’ in English, is the rebellious, late-night family member reflective of the nightlife street food in Asia. The venue is decorated with Vietnamese street art and handmade lanterns, emulating the South-East Asian drinking culture found in hole-in-the-wall restaurants with plastic chairs dotting the streets for locals to eat and drink until late. While Hello Auntie is famous for its contemporary interpretation of Vietnamese dishes, made for sharing, Hey Chú takes a different approach with a menu that includes smaller bar snacks. Expect to bite into prawn toast, cheese steak spring rolls, rendang beef sliders, and so much more.

best vietnamese restaurants sydney
Photo: Spooningaust

Madame Nhu

Multiple locations
Bringing Saigon to Sydney, Madame Nhu is Sydney’s go-to for Vietnamese cuisine. With three locations and counting, you will find the best pho in Sydney in its Indo-French villa-style eateries. The signature dish, pho dac biet, features three different cuts of Tasmanian beef, floating in a sea of rice noodles and an umami-packed eight-hour beef broth. However, Pho is not the only star on the menu. There is a range of vermicelli bowls accompanied by everything from BBQ duck to crab and prawn and chicken nem nuóng skewers.

best vietnamese restaurants sydney

Great Aunty Three

Nestled in Sydney’s self-proclaimed food bowl, Enmore, Great Aunty Three brings Hanoi’s street food charm to Sydney’s sidewalks. The bánh mì is a star, featuring slow-cooked pork or roast duck with flavorful toppings. The Bondi seafood roll also dazzles with soft shell crab and succulent prawns, all on a zesty bed of greens. Pull up a red plastic stool and tuck into an equally crispy, soft bánh mì filled with lemongrass chicken, beef, or roast pork with a generous helping of crackling.

best vietnamese restaurants sydney

An Restaurant

An is an institution. It’s one of the oldest yet most popular pho hotspots. Here, don’t expect anything special. The chairs are plastic, and the decor is minimal at best, but the food speaks for itself. The signature stock is simmered for ten hours and packed with marrow-filled beef shank bones, ginger, star anise, and many other ingredients we’re not allowed to give away. But at the end of the day, its reputation speaks for itself. You can add an extra of everything, including beef balls, rare beef on the side, and white onions soaked in vinegar.

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