I’m An Interior Designer for IKEA, and These Are the 5 Items I Think Everyone Should Own

Amy Hare has been an interior designer with IKEA for eight years now. And, like most Australians in lockdown areas, she’s spent a lot more time at home than usual over the past nearly two years, and had the chance to reflect on what was important to her, as her flat is quite small, be able to create smart and functional solutions for it.

“I’ve had the time to figure out what brings me happiness, the things that make my life easier, what I just can’t live without and the items that best express who I am,” Hare says.

Ahead, in a bid to help you find those items, too, Hare shares what five of them were. From heavy, room-darkening curtains, to a chic water carafe, here are the five IKEA items she can’t live without.

VARIERA Storage Containers, $6

“This may not be an obvious choice for an interior designer, but, VARIERA storage containers with handles allow me to have super organised closed storage in my small flat. Everything has a home behind closed doors so I can use the rest of my space to express who I am and show only the objects I want seen.

“It’s one of my absolute favourite products. They have made my home so much more organised — I recommend them to everyone. VARIERA also appeals to me as it is made from at least 20% recycled PET plastic, which is part of IKEA’s aim to be a circular business by 2030, only using renewable or recycled materials.”

VIDGA Single Track Rail, $15, and SANELA Curtains, $99

“As I mentioned, my flat is quite small, with huge windows in the living space that let in an amazing amount of natural light, making my space bright and airy. I love light, but, at times, I also want to be able to create a more cosy, intimate atmosphere.

“I’ve done this by changing my window treatment solution. I took down the existing vertical blinds and installed a VIDGA curtain rail system, hanging floor to ceiling curtains (full length curtains help give the impression of height to a room). The VIDGA track system has corner pieces, enabling me to run the track around the room, not just above the windows. I can now wrap my entire space in lush, olive green, velvet SANELA curtains.

“Not only am I able to create my own, private, gorgeous world, by wrapping my space in velvet, but I can also use the curtains to help insulate my home, during both winter and summer as SANELA are heavy, room-darkening curtains.”


IKEA 365 Carafe, $4

“Like many Australians, I work from home. I have a few essentials I keep around me to make my day easier, contribute to my health and wellbeing and enhance my space. One of which is the IKEA 365+ Carafe.

“It’s a simple, inexpensive, beautiful, glass bottle with a cork stopper that I have beside my laptop and use continually throughout the day to stay hydrated. There’s so much more enjoyment drinking from a glass than a plastic water bottle, it makes an everyday action so much more pleasurable and adds just a little more beauty to the day.”

IVAR Range, from $12

“The IVAR range has long been one of my favourites. When I was seven, my parents installed IVAR shelves and desk units for me and my sisters. My parents still use the same shelves today.

“I now have my own IVAR cabinets that I have moved with me for the last few years. I love these pieces as they are great storage (perfect with VARIERA storage containers), hiding away the mess of my everyday life, and the perfect place to store all the things I use for working from home.

“But one of the things I love most about IVAR is that I can customise it, which I have done every time I moved to suit my new space. IVAR has a raw pine finish, which I have painted, sanded back and painted again whenever I felt the need for a change and, over time, I have also added handles and legs to give them a different look and feel.”

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