10 Epic Spots to Catch a Sunrise in Sydney

where to watch the sunrise in sydney
Photo: @rdearphotography

Sydney is famous for its cotton candy skies, in particular its desert orange sunrises. While you can view the sunrise from pretty much anywhere in the city, there are certain spots where the sunrise is truly a magical experience. Watch it appear above the horizon, glimmering in the water, or silhouette the city skyline as the city wakes up.

Next time, don’t hit snooze. Instead, throw on some activewear and head to these epic spots to catch a quintessential Sydney sunrise.

best places to watch sunrise sydney

Milsons Point

Milsons Point is best known for having great views of the city and Harbour Bridge, but in the early hours of the morning, you can also catch an epic sunrise. There are parks and benches to bunker down while watching the city come to life, in all its orange and yellow hues.

best places to watch sunrise sydney
Photo: @davidwesson

Bondi Beach

Is there more of an iconic place to watch the sunrise than Bondi Beach? More than just good waves, this spot has a direct line of sight to watch the sunrise, depending on the month. From November to January, the sunrises to the right of Ben Buckler Head, which is a spectacular sight.

where to watch the sunrise in sydney

South Head

Watsons Bay
If you’re looking for something special, a spot to relax or are a budding photographer after a great shot, then the whimsical-looking Hornby Lighthouse is where you want to be. Here, sheer ocean cliffs, lead to fire sunrises, exploding with reds, yellows, oranges, and even pinks. The trail is easy to follow, and there are no obstructions, so your views are completely uninterrupted.

where to watch the sunrise in sydney

Nielsen Park

If you find yourself on the ritzy side of Sydney, stop by Nielsen Park for an epic sunrise, or sunset picnic. You can walk along the Hermitage Foreshore walk to find different angles, or stop at Steele Point, the ultimate advantage spot to watch the sunrise behind the city skyline.

where to watch the sunrise in sydney

Bradley’s Head

Near Taronga Zoo, is Bradley’s Head, a green, grassy, amphitheatre, with a straight line of sight to the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and sunrise, coming to life behind Sydney’s most-prized buildings. You’re bound to bump into a fisherman or two in the early morning, and if you’ve come for a sunset spot, there are other people who always have the same idea.

Photo: @viagem_suave

Observatory Hill

This spot is great any time of the day, but sunrise is particularly special. You can look directly at the bridge and watch the colour sweep across the sky. Depending on the time of year, you might not be able to see the sun on the horizon, but the colours are pretty amazing. Cotton candy skies are just part of it.

where to watch the sunrise in sydney

Cremorne Point

Cremorne is another harbourside neighbourhood, dishing out epic sunrises and sunsets. The best part, it’s never really busy, so you can enjoy the peaceful moment, without being interrupted.

where to watch the sunrise in sydney

North Head

Just east of Manly is the Fairfax Walk, which takes you to several lookouts. In the early hours of the morning, you can watch the sunrise over the ocean, from a sea cliff, as the waves crash below. It’s an easy walk, and there is parking nearby, so those who are worried about getting up early to hike can rest easy.

where to watch the sunrise in sydney

America Bay

Ku-ring-gai National Park
If you haven’t been to America Bay yet, add it to your list of hikes in Sydney. This beautiful spot is fairly easy to walk to, with a few loose rocks here and there. It’s only a kilometre journey each way, but if you make it in time for the sunrise, you’re in for a treat. The sun rises above the mountains, and the river mirrors the glow perfectly. It’s a favourite of locals.

where to watch the sunrise in sydney
Photo: @travel.notebooks

Palm Beach

This is where Home and Away is filmed, but once you get past that thought, make your way up to Barrenjoey Lighthouse for uninterrupted views of the entire area. At sunrise, you witness the ocean, the forest, and the town come to life, with pinks and purples occupying the sky. You can even stop in for breakfast at The Boathouse after the sun has risen.

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