The 11 Greatest Beaches In Sydney That Aren’t Bondi

Sydney is a city known for its stretches of sand, which means there are plenty of options when you want to soak up the sun. But beyond the tourist traps of Bondi, there are more than 100 beaches located around the city and along its coastal reach. Whether you’re seeking bikini-clad bods and waterside cocktails, or Herculean waves and locals-only hangouts, Sydney has a beach scene for every type.

Here are the 12 best shoreline spots in town.

best beaches sydney

Coogee Beach

Arden Road, Coogee
The final stop on the city’s famed coastal walk does not disappoint with its dramatic cliffside pathways and ocean views. Coogee’s buzzing beach scene also features a two-story restaurant and bar where you can post up for a bit before heading back to the city. Sip tasty cocktail creations at Coogee Pavillion and grab a wood-fired pizza. The restaurant also features a barber shop downstairs for the drunk and ambitious.

best beaches sydney

Little Bay Beach

Murra Murra Place, Little Bay
During the summer, Sydney’s bigger beaches are barely visible, thanks to the droves of tourists taking up prime sand real estate. For fewer crowds, head to the hidden beach at Little Bay, tucked away at the end of the Prince Henry development. The beach is divided by a protrusion of rock and offers a more relaxed vibe than the big waves and even bigger crowds at more mainstream spots.

best beaches sydney
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Manly Beach

South Steyne, Manly
This golden, mile-long stretch is one of many on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, but it’s undoubtedly among the best, and part of that reason is how you get there. Take a ride on the Manly ferry to see the sights inside of Sydney’s harbour, and grab a drink at Manly Wharf Bar before a quick stroll down the promenade to reach Oceanside. Manly is one of Sydney’s most charming spots to get lost. Stay for lunch at the Boathouse at Shelly Beach and drinks at Daniel San.

best beaches sydney
Photo: Destination NSW

Store Beach

Collins Beach Road, Manly
This beach is only reachable by water, which makes for a fun afternoon kayak ride. Pack a lunch and a bottle of wine and spend the afternoon working your tan under the Southern Hemisphere sun. Protip: Watch for Manly’s endangered population of Little Penguins, which are supposedly spotted at Store Beach.

best beaches sydney
Photo: Destination NSW

Freshwater Beach

Moore Road, Freshwater
A close neighbour to Manly, “Freshie” is a protected beach carved out along the northern coastline. The teal-hued waters still heave massive waves despite a more hidden feel, making it ideal for an afternoon dip. Freshwater is also a great alternative to Manly when the masses arrive during summer. Granted, you have to ascend a nightmarish hill, but that makes it worthwhile when you finally arrive — and eat a monstrous burger at JB & Sons. Don’t skip out on the nachos.

best beaches sydney
Photo: Londoner in Sydney

Palm Beach

Ocean Road, Palm Beach
Home to Sydney’s elite, Palm Beach is a star-studded hangout where you can pretend to have money. Located 45 minutes from CBD, the famed beach is also the backdrop to the longstanding Aussie soap opera Home and Away. Lunch among billionaire locals at the Boathouse and take a dip before a long, sad ride home to contemplate how much you spent on lunch.

best beaches sydney
Photo: Waverley Council

Tamarama Beach

Tamarama Marine Drive, Tamarama
“Glamarama,” as this beach is referred to, is a scene for the beautiful and the hard-bodied. Though small in comparison to its neighbouring beaches along the Bondi-to-Coogee walk, Tamarama is quite dangerous, thanks to the number of rips coming in from both sides of the bay. If you want to impress a tanned body or two with your superior swimming skills, you might try your luck at Tamarama.

best beaches sydney

Balmoral Beach

The Esplanade, Balmoral
For a more relaxed vibe, try Balmoral Beach near Taronga Zoo on the north shore’s Middle Harbor. Though it’s popular for families, the beach features a more intimate, sleepy experience for those looking to nod off into the afternoon. Grab a bite at Public Dining Room and slink back to the shore to soak up stunning views and sparkling, still waters.

best beaches sydney
Photo: Anton Gorlin Photography

Garie Beach

Garie Beach Road, Royal National Park
For a more adventurous beach trek, drive south of Sydney to check out Garie Beach. Located in the Royal National Park, Garie Beach is a great departure from the city’s usual spots and requires a bit of hiking before you can relax. The sprawling beach is obviously fairly quiet but rewards its guests with spectacular views.

best beaches sydney

Little Congwong Beach

Henry Head Lane, La Perouse
If you’re after a tan-line-free swim (read: boobs), head to Little Congwong Beach in Botany Bay. Most local spots take a “clothing-optional” approach to sunbathing; this little beach is no exception. It tends to be pretty quiet, which means you can spy naked babes from behind your Ray Bans in peace. If it’s all a bit too much, head next door to Congwong Beach for a more appropriate, swimsuited affair.

best beaches sydney

Milk Beach

Vaucluse Road, Vaucluse
Tucked away behind the Strickland House, up in the hard-to-reach Vaucluse area, is one of the city’s best vantage points and small beaches. Milk Beach is worth the walk to see the Opera House and Harbour Bridge while soaking up Sydney rays. It’s a residential area, so expect a few families, but that doesn’t keep it from being a perfect spot for a boozy beach afternoon.

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