Fresh Eyes Have Shown Me That Bella Swan From ‘Twilight’ Is the Worst

Bella Swan

More than 10 years since what we thought was the conclusion of the Twilight series, here we are again in all our ‘Twihard’ glory after hearing that author Stephanie Meyer is releasing a new book to the series.

Midnight Sun will be a reflection of the story we know — but told from Edward’s point of view, and I for one couldn’t be more relieved. Because Bella Swan really is the absolute worst.

This may be a hard pill to swallow, I even surprised myself with that conclusion — but after binging all four flicks between toddler-wrangling sessions and lunches that felt like feeding time at the zoo during quarantine — I can tell you, I’m at the end of my tether with that character.

It hasn’t always been this way, I used to want to be Bella Swan.

I was envious of her being the ‘chosen’ one and brought into a family as cool as the Cullens. I loved how Edward protected her, and how he and Jacob fought over her.

I don’t know how many times I swapped teams over the years; Jacob the incredibly toned and athletic one (and partial to a slow-motion shirt removal) and Edward the captivating and mysterious one, always full of surprises to sweep her off her feet. It was just all so fantastic and dramatic.

Now, a decade later, I’m a mum to a little girl, and I have to tell you, re-watching Bella in these films made me more than little nuts. I realised if she was my daughter, well… let’s just say she’d be grounded until she was 47. Here’s what I realised:

1) She abandoned her family.

She was fully prepared to break her dad’s heart by telling him she’d died, all so she could be bitten and spend all of eternity with Edward. That is his only child. I know her mum was living it up with Phil in Florida — but how could she leave her dad high and dry like that?!

2) She entirely changed who she was for a man.

I know he’s Edward Cullen, but honestly, is that a lesson a young girl should absorb? That you need to change who you are for your romantic partner?

3) She ditched her friends for the same reason.

I know they weren’t great pals, to begin with, but still — the lesson that dropping pals because they don’t fit into your new partner’s world is a pretty mediocre one. Your friends are an important part of having a happy, healthy relationship.

4) She pretty much joined a cult.

She was brought into a world full of secrecy, where she’s not encouraged to mingle with anyone outside of the ‘family’, where she’s constantly ‘protected’ — and again — she can’t see her own parents! I mean, does anyone else smell a Charles Manson devotee situation here?! I don’t love it.

5) No need to work Bella, Edward has plenty of money.

The lesson in that she doesn’t need to work because her partner comes from a rich family, is not one that anyone should be taught. It’s possessive and teaches no autonomy. Make your own money, so you and only you are in control of your future.

I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping my daughter turns out a little more ‘Hermione Granger’ than ‘Bella Swan’.

Olivia Mackinnon is an award-winning content creator who has sewn her (storytelling) seed across the entertainment, lifestyle and travel industries for the past 14 years. Now a mum to one feisty sass Queen, she is freelancing between toddler tantrums and being splattered with spaghetti.

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