‘Australian Idol’ 2023’s Top 12 Contestants Have Been Decided — Find Out More About Them

Australian Idol Top 12

Australian Idol 2023 has been intense with only twelve spots awaiting contestants on the other side. Half stayed and half had their Idol journey cut short. And from what we’ve seen of this season’s performances, Amy Shark, Harry Connick Jr., Meghan Trainor and Kyle Sandilands must’ve had a tough go deciding who to eliminate.

But now, the top twelve’s fate is in the hands of the Australian public. And with each of the contestants chasing the grand prize of a Sony recording contract and $100,000 in prize money, we know they are going to have to give it their everything to appeal to voters.

Find out more about the remaining contestants below:

Amali Dimond, 16 (NSW)

Amali Dimond - Australian Idol 2023 Top 12
Instagram / @amali.dimond

Hoping to trade her job at an ice cream store for stardom, 16-year-old Amali Dimond is inspired by her Idol predecessors, Jessica Mauboy and Guy Sebastian. She feels like she was born to be on the stage and entertain.

Angelina Curtis, 15 (WA)

Angelina Curtis - Australian Idol 2023 Top 12
Instagram / @angelina_curtis_official

At 15-years-old, Angelina Curtis is one of the youngest in this season’s Australian Idol finalists. She’s been a pianist since she could reach the keys and wrote her first song at the age of 9. The high-schooler is prepared to share her talents worldwide.

Anya Hynnien, 19 (VIC)

Anya Hynnien - Australian Idol 2023 Top 12
Instagram / @anyaalchemy

19-year-old, Anya Hynnien wants to make it big. With the help of her mother, she’s been able to perform in small town venues but her stepdad, Bernard, has given her to the confidence to make it to the next level.

Ben Sheehy, 24 (QLD)

Ben Sheehy - Australian Idol 2023 Top 12
Instagram / @bensheehymusic

Ben Sheehy, the 24-year-old guitarist fell into the music scene by accident. He wasn’t aware of his own talent in his schooling years but now his goal is to a share the uniqueness of his voice with Australia.

Harry Hayden, 18 (VIC)

Harry Hayden - Australian Idol 2023 Top 12
Instagram / @harryhaydennn

Most Year 12 students are stressing about their HSC but Harry Hayden has different plans. The 18-year-old uses music as an outlet for processing and managing emotions. The versatility of Hayden’s voice allows for the exploration of all music forms.

Jasey Fox, 25 (NSW)

Jasey Fox - Australian Idol 2023 Top 12
Instagram / @jasey.fox

As a dancer from Sydney, Jasey Fox is no stranger to the world of performance. His knowledge of music goes across all genres. Fox says, “I think I attempt to emulate all of the greats in some Frankenstein-like way!”

Josh Hannan, 20 (VIC)

Josh Hannan - Australian Idol 2023 Top 12
Instagram / @joshhannanmusic

20-year-old Josh Hannan uses singing to unlock his emotions and uses his personal experiences as inspiration when he performs. Outside of Australian Idol, he studies psychology and lives on a rose farm.

Maya Weiss, 28 (VIC)

Maya Weiss - Australian Idol 2023 Top 12
Instagram / @australianidol

You could say that Maya Weiss has range. Why? Because she teaches yoga but also mixes music as a DJ. Ever since she was young, the 28-year-old has imagined herself standing on the Idol stage and dreamt of becoming a singer.

Noora H, 27 (NSW)

Noorah H - Australian Idol 2023 Top 12
Instagram / @noorahsinging

Hailing from south-west Sydney, Noora hopes to shake up the music industry’s diversity and connect with listeners through her songs. The 27-year-old travel agent believes she has just the right look to change the game.

Phoebe Stewart, 15 (WA)

Phoebe Stewart - Australian Idol 2023 Top 12
Instagram / @phoebe___stewart

Another Idol youngster, Phoebe Stewart has experienced many difficulties with her hearing growing up. The 15-year-old from regional WA wants to spark joy in her audience with her talent.

Royston Sagigi-Baira, 23 (QLD)

Royston Sagigi-Baira - Australian Idol 2023 Top 12
Instagram / @roystonnoelle

Royston Sagigi-Baira is a 23-year-old youth worker that is passionate about working with young indigenous groups in remote communities through Far North Queensland. Growing up in similar circumstances, he knows the significance of leadership in these areas.

Sash Seabourne, 25 (WA)

Sash Seabourne - Australian Idol 2023 Top 12
Instagram / @sash.seabourne

Drawing inspiration from Boy and Bear, Matt Corby, Fleetwood Mac and Bruce Springsteen — Sash Seabourne is representing Western Australia in the Australian Idol  Top 12. The 25-year-old surfer started singing when he was just a teenager.

Australian Idol: The Live Rounds start on Sunday, February 23. Watch the contestants fight for the final four spots ahead of the grand finale at 7:00pm.

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