The Headlines: Australia Was FIFA World Crushed By France — But Can They Beat Tunisia?

It’s a Wednesday, and the sands of time continue to tumble down an infinite, never-ending hourglass. But hey, at least that means the universe is still bumping around. Moreover, it means that we have another day of important headlines to sift through. 

So, without any more faffing about, let’s jump into them now.

How Did Australia Do FIFA World Cupping Against France? 

It happened. A ball was kicked. Men in multicoloured uniforms ran about a field. And in the end, Australia lost to France in an enthralling FIFA World Cup game.

The Socceroos started strong, with Craig Goodwin scoring a goal around ten minutes into the game. However, France then came back with a dominating play style and scored two goals of its own. 

In the second half, France’s Kylian Mbappé scored another goal. Then, just a few minutes later, France’s Olivier Giroud scored another. The Socceroos couldn’t make a comeback from this onslaught of goals. In the end, France beat Australia, four one. 

On November 26, the Socceroos’ next game is against the country of Tunisia. Since 1966, Australia has only won two FIFA World Cup Matches. Meanwhile, Tunisia also won the same amount of matches from that same date. Multiple sources are conflicted about who’s likely to win this match. 

This year’s FIFA World Cup is taking place in the country of Qatar. The Socceroos have previously criticised this country for criminalising same-sex relationships and mistreating its migrant workers. 

Sydney Legend, 78-Year-Old Danny Lim, Was Injured in an Attempted Arrest

In some more serious news, famous street personality, Danny Lim, has been seriously hurt in an altercation with some members of the NSW Police. 

On November 22, Lim was wearing his iconic “SMILE CVNT! WHY CVNT?” in Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building. Lim was told by both security guards and the police to leave the building, but he refused. The police then tried to arrest him. 

During this ordeal, Lim’s head slammed into the Queen Victoria Building’s hard-tiled floor. The arrest was then called off, and Lim was taken to St Vincent’s Hospital.

Chris Murphy, whose law firm is supporting Lim, said that a scan had indicated that this altercation led to Lim’s brain bleeding. 

Last night, Murphy said, “Bleeding on the brain has shown up in the first scan, and doctors are monitoring to see how that unfolds overnight. It may get better or get worse. A neurosurgeon will make decisions in the morning.”

This incident was additionally commented on by a Member of the Australian House of Representatives, Allegra Spender: “Danny’s a familiar face, he’s a serial protester. Some regard him as a cheeky larrikin, others as a nuisance. But there’s no doubt that he’s an old man. Is this really the way to treat an elderly protester?”

The police have responded to this situation by saying, “As inquiries into the incident continue, an independent review has been launched, which will examine the actions of police during the incident.”

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Meet the Snowy Mountains’ New Rescue Dog

The Volunteer Rescue Association NSW (VRA Rescue NSW) has a new team member. And he’s a search-and-rescue border collie named Jato. 

This pupperino will help track folks who get lost around the Snowy Mountains. Moreover, the VRA Rescue NSW’s Sue Pritchard is extremely excited at what this boy can do. 

“He’s dual-qualified, which is incredibly special,” said Pritchard.

“He’s qualified for area search, which takes a good year of training, and he’s also qualified for scent-specific trailing, which means he can focus on the scent of one person.”

During Jato’s time off, he enjoys swimming in Lake Jindabyne. However, he also doesn’t like wet grass.

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