Allbirds Launches Sustainable Underwear That Feel Like You’re Wearing Nothing At All


The makers of the “world’s most comfortable shoe” have stepped into the intimates market with a range of breathable and eco-friendly undergarments designed to support one’s body in everyday wear.

New Zealand label, Allbirds, has today announced its new basics range, comprised of comfortable underwear for both men and women in flattering and supportive forms.

Briefs, thongs and bralettes; the basics range is comprised of Allbirds’ Trino™ fibre, that provides a lightweight and breathable fit that simultaneously wicks moisture, minimises odour, and supports the body.

“When it comes to undies, comfort is king. But 99% of cotton is grown using harsh pesticides, and virgin nylon is made from petroleum. I don’t know about you, but the thought of undies that are riddled with oil and chemicals makes us a little uncomfortable,” Allbirds says in a press release.


“The more we considered it, putting such dirty materials so close to our most intimate areas felt funky, and we figured there must be a better solution. So as always, we looked to nature.”

The Trino™ material combines cooling and breathable Eucalyptus Tree (Tencel) with soft New Zealand Merino Wool. The resulting fabric is healthy for the sensitive intimate parts of the body and provides comfort in support.


Even better, the Trino™ fibre is carbon neutral thanks to sustainable practices like using natural materials and buying offsets.

The range is available to shop online now and in a range of neutral colourways to suit daily wear under all clothing types. Prices start from $26 for a thong.

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