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We’re one month into 2024 and it’s already shaping up to be a year of female recognition. While it’s great to see women crushing it on the big stage, we’re celebrating the increased adoption of mainstream feminism and opening the conversation around intersectionality and inclusivity across more channels than ever. And that’s what Sydney Opera House’s All About Women festival is, well, all about.

All About Women is the ultimate event for women and gender-diverse people. Celebrated in Sydney for over a decade, it’s back for another year. Once again, it will challenge our assumptions about gender and power by exploring issues around our bodies, desire, consent and identity.

On Sunday, March 10 at the Sydney Opera House, All About Women will inspire women, gender-diverse people and their allies through panels, workshops, free activations and conversations with international and local thought leaders and change-makers.

The agenda is jam-packed so we’ll take you through the multipack ticket categories available. After all, All About Women really has something for everyone.

For the Interrogator

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Are you an avid reader, curious about the intertwined nature of personal relationships, intricate webs of connections and emotions and the experiences that shape one’s sense of self within the framework of family? The ‘Relationships. Identity. Family.’ themed multipack is for you.

You can catch a panel of practitioners and critics of the ‘sad girl’ literary trope at ‘Why So Sad, Girl’. With Madeleine Gray, Neha Kale and Jessie Tu, this talk will discuss one of modern literature’s biggest phenomena.

Dive into a conversation around multigenerational families and inherited intergenerational trauma with beloved Irish author Anne Enright. Unpack the idea that George Orwell’s work would not have been what it is without his first wife, Eileen O’Shaughnessy, in ‘Wifedom with Anna Funder’.

You can even explore how men are struggling against the patriarchy in ‘Daddy Issues’, with Amar Singh, Sean Szeps and Osher Günsberg.

For the Pop Culture Lover

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From microtrends to spilling the tea, those enraptured by discussions around the intersection of feminism and social issues, cultural trends and trending topics in mainstream media and entertainment, can be energised by the ‘Trending. Feminism. Pop Culture.’ themed multipack.

Join a conversation with an inspiring activist about the link between our social media-driven consumerism and climate change in ‘Slowing Down Fast Fashion’ with Aja Barber, moderated by Jan Fran.

Take a deep dive into the heart of pop culture convos in ‘Hot Gossip’. You’ll look at who holds the microphone and how they wield the subversive power. This talk will be steered by Lucinda ‘Froomes’ Price and Jessica Rowe, moderated by Brooke Boney.

Finally, laugh with ‘Feminist Roast’. With Jane Caro, Zoë Coombs-Marr, Jan Fran and Michelle Law, these comedians and arts figures make light of the heavy topics from suffrage to the women’s liberation movement, from wages to #MeToo.

For the Activist

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Curious about stories of building resilience in the face of challenges advocating for fairness, equality and human rights when addressing systemic barriers and promoting equal opportunities? The events within the ‘Justice. Resilience. Advocacy.’ multipack will leave you inspired.

In ‘The Stories We Need Now’, you’ll see how artists and storytellers can create hope amid political disillusionment. You can interrogate the changes mainstream feminism needs in ‘Follow The Leader’ with Randa Abdel-Fattah, Aja Barber and Angela Tiatia.

Finally, ‘Our Bodies’, with Madison Griffiths, Tanya Hosch, Tara Rae Moss and Grace Tame, will explore the complicated relationship society has with women’s bodies. Ranging from questions about reproductive rights to the consistently poor health outcomes for First Nations people, this talk, moderated by Jamila Rizvi, will share the experiences these different women have had with their bodies.

For the Trailblazer

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The ‘Controversy. Bold. Iconic.’ multipack includes a pair of talks with trailblazers and icons. Spotlighting women who challenge conventional norms, these talks are some of the most anticipated of the entire festival.

In an incredible conversation with feminist icon Mary Beard, she and moderator Bri Lee will discuss a nuanced understanding of sex, class, race and politics in the ancient world, comparing it with patterns that we continue to see in patriarchy today.

Finally, no book took the world by storm last year quite like Rebecca F. Kuang’s Yellowface, and All About Women will be hosting an exclusive chat with the author herself. Expect discussions on the muddled complexities of diversity and cultural appropriation. Oh, and the smart and sardonic commentary present in Rebecca’s books that has everyone asking questions.

As you can see, there’s something for everyone at All About Women at the Sydney Opera House. Fill your day with talks and panels that will have you feeling seen and leave you feeling challenged.

Head to the Sydney Opera House’s website now to learn more, and grab your tickets today.

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