Aldi’s Latest Special Buys Is Setting You Up for Camping Success


With international borders still firmly closed, domestic trips are on the rise, and following a year spent predominantly indoors, many Australian travellers are craving uncomplicated trips that make the most of the outdoors.

Call it an overcorrection, but after months in confined spaces, there’s a general desire to experience a sense of immersion in a wide, open space, and no holiday works quite as well to help us achieve this than a camping trip.

While camping is certainly an affordable holiday, there’s an undeniable requirement for the right kind of gear. Because without appropriate tents or cooking utensils, you’re looking at sharing a few miserable nights in a damp tent with a swarm of mosquitos.

Thankfully, Aldi has your camping needs covered in its latest Special Buys drop. Landing in stores on Boxing Day, the ‘Gone Camping’ range has everything you need to kick off your post-Christmas summer holiday in style — from gazebos and tents to mattresses and camping accessories.

“Camping is set to be a popular holiday option this Summer and whether you are planning a trip with family, friends or even a solo adventure, ALDI’s has you covered with our latest Gone Camping Special Buys,” says ALDI Australia shopping expert, Nicole Higgins.

Families and large groups will surely be excited for the gazebos and its accessories. The base central locking gazebo is $99.99 and is ideal for outdoor picnics and activities. It can be easily dressed up with the gazebo screen room ($49.99) to protect people inside from insects, or with the gazebo tent ($69.99) which helps to create more of an indoor vibe.

Tent-wise, Aldi’s got a four-person pop-up tent for only $49.99, plus both a foot pump single air mattress ($14.99) and queen air mattress ($29.99) to fit comfortably inside. Add a double mosquito net for only $9.99, and you’re all set up for a good night’s sleep in nature.


The Gone Camping range is complemented by a huge collection of accessories. From camping chairs ($24.99) and tent fans ($14.99) to a camp toaster ($4.99) and even a metal detector ($199).

A favourite in the range surely has to be the cast iron set, which comes complete with everyone one could need to serve up a feast over the fire. At $99.99, the set includes a dutch oven, two fry pans, reversible grill plate, jaffle iron, lit lifter and camp kettle, all stored away neatly in a wooden crate.


The Gone Camping Special Buys range hits Aldi stores on Saturday, December 26. Get in quick before it’s gone.

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